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Alexander Weygers

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Alexander G. Weygers (1901-1989) is one of the greatest artists of our time. His art and sculptures were reflections of the passion in his soul, the prominent issues of that day as well as the deep forces at the core of what it means to be human. A prolific sculptor of pieces hewn with his own forged tools, he was also a wood engraver, photographer, machinist, engineer, carpenter, beekeeper, and inventor. Long before the terms “reduce, reuse and recycle” were buzzwords, Weygers was a model of sustainable living, producing works of art, tools and machinery from salvaged objects. Weygers is also known as the designer of the iconic UFO image. Patented in 1944, his design for the Discopter was his dream for the future of transportation, and was the first representation of the archetypal flying saucer image which has been immortalized in popular culture, and is widely seen in books, movies, toys, and many other forms of media. Weygers’ early career was in engineering, and he worked as an engineer and an aeronautical designer until 1929, when a single event permanently altered the course of his life. Tragedy struck when he lost both his wife and baby in childbirth, and following this experience, he devoted the rest of his life to art. He studied with internationally renowned artists such as Lorado Taft, Ettore Masi, and Paul Bornet, and went on to author books on tool making, recycling and sculpting. He taught thousands of students from his home in Carmel Valley, California.