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Scott Hanson

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Originally from La Jolla, California with a lifestyle centered around the sea, Scott Hanson was first drawn to Hawaii twenty years ago by the prospect of clear waters and abundant marine life. He has called Hawaii home ever since.

An avid dive traveler and underwater photographer, Scott has logged countless hours of first hand observation and interaction with his subjects, particularly dolphins and mantas, in their natural ; habitat. This extensive familiarity with his subjects allows him to capture in his work a feeling of the fluid motion and free spirited nature of these magnificent animals.

Hanson, an active conservationist, contributes to and supports a number of environmental organizations including the World Wildlife Fund, Sea Watch, Marine Mammal Fund, and Earth Trust. His artistic mentor as well as dive buddy is the renowned artist and fellow waterman

John Pitre. "We've swam together with schools of sharks in Palau and were both nearly run over by three humpback whales while diving off Oahu." These diving experiences and ocean lifestyle provide Scott with abundant inspiration for

His art. Whether it be free diving solo with the manta rays off the Kona coast at 3 a.m., dodging whales, or simply enjoying with friends the exuberance of a wild dolphin encounter, Scott Hanson endeavors through his sculpture to enthusiastically share with us these personal visions from the sea.